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Hardware (6 inch)
1. Choose the 6 Inch Color model with touchscreen:
TFT Color
C-more Micro-Graphic Panel (6")
6" Touchscreen
320 x 240 Pixel Resolution
32,768 Colors
LED Backlight
One Type B USB Port
Two Serial Ports RS232/422/485
3.2 MB Project Memory
Micro Graphic Panel
Part No. EA3-T6CL


2. Clip on the optional Ethernet adapter (if desired):
       (Ethernet adapter is compatible with EA3 series panels only)
Faster project download speed
Faster firmware update speed
Connectivity to existing Ethernet Networks
Power supplied from expansion port
Adds support for the following Ethernet protocols:
AutomationDirect ECOM Ethernet
AutomationDirect CLICK Ethernet
AutomationDirect Do-More Ethernet
AutomationDirect Productivity Ethernet
Modbus TCP
Click here for the full list of supported protocols

Communication expansion module, Ethernet (RJ45) port for programming and PLC communications at 10/100 Mbps.
Part No. EA-ECOM

3. Add Accessories and Replacement Parts
Panel Gasket for 6"
Part No. EA-MG6-GSK
(1 each)
Keypad Bezel 2 Mounting Clips
Part No. EA-MG-BZ2-BRK
(pack of 6)
DC Power Connector
(pack of 5)
Function Keys Label Inserts
Part No. Part No. EA-MG6-S6ML-FKL
(pack of 5)
1 F1-F5 portrait, 1 F1-F5 landscape,
& 3 blank
Non-Glare Screen Protector for 6"
Part No. EA-6-COV2
(3 Pack)

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•  Beautiful 65,536 color and cost effective grayscale
•  Bright TFT screens available in all sizes
•  All the popular PLC protocols
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