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Hardware (6 inch)
1. Choose the 6 Inch Color model with touchscreen:
TFT Color
C-more Micro-Graphic Panel (6")
6" Touchscreen
320 x 240 Pixel Resolution
32,768 Colors
LED Backlight
One Type B USB Port
Two Serial Ports RS232/422/485
3.2 MB Project Memory
Micro Graphic Panel
Part No. EA1-T6CL


2. Add an optional keypad, if desired:
Portrait key bezel
Part No. EA-MG6-BZ2P
Landscape key bezel
Part No. EA-MG6-BZ2

3. Add Accessories and Replacement Parts
Panel Gasket for 6"
Part No. EA-MG6-GSK
(1 each)
Keypad Bezel Gasket for 6"
Fits both Landscape and portrait bezels
Part No. Part No. EA-MG6-BZ2-GSK
(1 each)
Keypad Bezel 2 Mounting Clips
Part No. EA-MG-BZ2-BRK
(pack of 6)
DC Power Connector
(pack of 5)
Function Keys Label Inserts
Part No. Part No. EA-MG6-S6ML-FKL
(pack of 5)
1 F1-F5 portrait, 1 F1-F5 landscape,
& 3 blank
Non-Glare Screen Protector for 6"
Part No. EA-6-COV2
(3 Pack)

Need more C-more?
•  6", 8", 10", 12" and 15" models
•  Beautiful 65,536 color and cost effective grayscale
•  Bright TFT screens available in all sizes
•  All the popular PLC protocols
•  Comprehensive alarm and event handling