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Extra Serial Port with Power Adapter Option (3")
Second Serial Port and 12-24 VDC Power Adapter
(3" only)
This option is useful in many situations:
•  When using RS-422/485 connections
•  When using RS-232 and the PLC doesn't supply power
•  For cable lengths greater than 50 feet
•  When using certain protocol & PLC combinations
   (Click for the full chart)
•  For connecting to a PLC and the programming PC simultaneously
Check out our optional Power Adapter if you just need 12-24VDC operation, and can use Port 1 (Modular RJ12) for your PLC communications.
Clips securely to the rear of the unit
The power adapter attaches to the back of either C-more Micro unit with three simple clips, and increases the mounting depth by less than an inch. Dimensions are here.
Plugable Terminal Block Style Connector
Three position, screw type terminal block is plugable for fast and easy disconnect or reconnection.
Second Serial Port is a DB-15 Connector
Just like big-brother C-more.
Note: C-more Micro supports only one PLC connection (point-to-point, not multi-drop)