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Power over the Serial Connection
Save time and money
When using C-more Micro 3" models with most AutomationDirect PLCs no extra power adapter or power connection is required. C-more Micro can be powered over the same serial cable providing the PLC communications*.
•  Fewer parts
•  Fewer connections
•  Faster installation
*An optional power adapter is available for the 3" models - only required when using other brands of PLCs.
The 6" STN monochrome models have 24 VDC connections for external power and the display will be brighter with 24VDC supplied.
The TFT models ALL require 24 VDC for operation.
When using the 6" STN models you may wish to connect 24 VDC (1 A) to C-more Micro to enable High Power mode (brighter screen). When the 6" STN panels ares powered only through Port 1 (from a PLC) the panels will operate in Low Power mode. The TFT models require 24VDC for operation.
What about programming?
C-more Micro 3" & 6" STN models are programmed via the same serial port, and power is also supplied by the programming cable (EA-MG-PGM-CBL) while connected to a PC USB port for programming.

The TFT models use a standard USB programming cable (separate port). The USB connection can power the 4" and 6" units during the programming process. The 8" and 10" TFT untis require external 12-24VDC power at all times. More about programming.