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Micro Panel with Macro Memory (999 Screens)
C-more Micro allows up to 999 screens for every project. Many text panels are limited to 256 messages or fewer. Create all the screens you need to control your machine or process.
3" models offer 768 KB of user memory
6" STN models offer 1,792 KB of user memory
4" & 6" TFT color models offer 3.2 MB of user memory
8" & 10" TFT color models offer 30 MB of user memory
•  Pictures and Icons convey information faster than text
•  Use bar graphs and indicator graphics to enhance comprehension
Note: Keep in mind that depending on the complexity of your screens, the limiting factor could be the 999 screens or the ammount of available memory.
It's easy to track the size of your project:
When you download a project to a C-more Micro panel, the download dialog box shows you the current project size. C-more Micro also gives you the option to download the Project file to the panel.
•  If your project is large, you may want to download only the Runtime File and the PLC Driver File, but not the entire Project File.
•  If you download the Project File, you will be able to upload the entire project from the panel at a later date.