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20 Button Bezel Option (3 Inch)
Data Entry and Control
The 20 Button Keypad Option clamps to C-more Micro 3" models and offers both a numeric keypad and 8 control buttons.
•  Add numeric entry capability to a non-touch C-more Micro 3"
•  Add control functions with the directional arrows, and Esc, Menu, CLR & Enter buttons
•  Supports "Tab Index" feature - allows selection of screen objects with arrow keys
•  Plug & Play - no software configuration is necessary
•  Free-up the five function keys on C-more Micro for other uses or simply reduce wear and tear on the touch overlay
The C-more Micro clamps securely into the keypad, and the keypad provides additional clamps for mounting.
•  Increases the size of the mounting cutout (Dimensions)
•  Clamps/gaskets maintain NEMA and IP ratings
•  The Power Adapter or Serial Port with DC Power Adapter modules can still be used and clip to the back of the keypad