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Single Connection Saves Time and Money with STN Panels
The RJ12 modular connector on the STN panels (both 3" and 6") is a serial port which can also supply 5VDC power to the units. It can be used for programming, PLC communication, and power.
The 6" STN model also includes a DSUB15 serial port, which can be configured for RS232, RS422, or RS485. The 6" units also have a separate connection for 24 VDC built-in.
When using most AutomationDirect (Koyo) PLCs with a 6 pin Modular RJ12 type connector - no additional power adapter is required - saving you time and money. Some other protocols are also supported.
DC power adapters are also available for the 3" panels.
TFT Panels have USB Ports & Serial
Step-up to either the 4" TFT Panel or the 6" model for a standard "type B" USB programming port. The USB port even supplies power to the panel during programming so you don't have to bother hooking up 24 VDC during programming operations
The TFT units have separate serial connections for communication to the PLC . This DSUB15 port can be configured for RS232, RS422, or RS485.
Note: See the C-more Micro-Graphic Hardware User Manuals (P/N: EA1-MG6-USER-M or EA1-TCL-M), Chapter 6: PLC Communications, for wiring diagrams that the user can use to construct their own cables.
Note: For EA1-S6ML and EA1-S6MLW; some PLCs can provide 5 VDC power through the DV-1000 serial cable, and no external 12-24 VDC souce is required. However, screen brightness is diminished and the alarm beep will not function. This Low-Power Mode should be used during initial programming and check-out only. Connect an external 12-24 VDC power source when the panel is installed in its application. EA1-T4CL and EA1-T6CL do not offer Low Power Mode, and require an external power supply.

Programming Connection
The USB to RS-232 programming cable assembly and adapter is used to program the C-more Micro STN units via the RJ12 modular connection and also supplies 5VDC power to the C-more Micro panel during the programming process. The TFT units use a standard USB A-to-B type cable(such as USB-CBL-AB6)for programming.

PLC Drivers for C-more Micro
The following protocols are supported, and all the drivers are included with C-more Micro:
•  AutomationDirect CLICK
•  AutomationDirect DirectLogic K-sequence
•  AutomationDirect DirectLogic DirectNet
•  AutomationDirect DirectLogic Modbus
•  Entivity (Think&Do ) Modbus
•  Modbus RTU
•  Allen Bradley DF1 Full Duplex
•  Allen Bradley DF1 Half Duplex
•  Allen Bradley PLC5 DF1
•  Allen Bradley DH485
•  GE Fanuc 90/30 SNPX
•  Mitsubishi Melsec FX
•  Mitsubishi Q and QnA Series
•  Omron Host Link Adaptor
•  Omron CS/CJ Series FINS
•  Siemens PPI

Our larger C-more panels offer additional driver options.

PLC Cables for C-more Micro
The DV-1000 serial cable connects the C-more Micro RJ12 connection to most AutomationDirect DirectLogic PLCs. The D4-1000 cable is used for the DL405 PLC. Specific cables are available for most of the supported PLCs and protocols.
•  Here is the complete connectivity chart for the 3" panels.
•  A separate connectivity chart is supplied for the 4" and 6" (both STN and TFT) panels.

Other Options for Powering & Connecting to C-more Micro 3" STN Panels
When connecting C-more Micro 3" units to other brands of PLCs, a 12-24VDC power adapter must be installed. Two versions are available
•  The EA-MG-P1 allows C-more Micro 3" to be powered from a separate 12-24VDC power source (more)
•  The EA-MG-SP1 also allows the use of 12-24VDC power and offers a second serial port (DB-15 style) for 3" units (more)
Neither of these option modules is needed (nor can they be used) with C-more Micro 4" or 6" units . Those units already offer externally powered operation, and they have the serial port (DB-15 style) built-in.
12-24 VDC power adapter (use if your PLC doesn't supply 5V) - more
Part # EA-MG-P1
12-24 VDC power adapter and a second serial port (DB-15) - more
Part # EA-MG-SP1