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C-more Micro 3" STN C-more Micro 6" STN C-more Micro 4" TFT C-more Micro 6" TFT C-more Micro 8" TFT C-more Micro 10" TFT
Part Number EA1-S3ML(W)(-N)¹,² EA1-S6ML(W) EA1-T4CL EA3-T6CL EA3-T8CL EA3-T10CL
Screen Size 3 Inch 6 Inch 4 Inch 6 Inch 8 Inch 10 Inch
Pixel Resolution 128 x 64 320 x 240 (Quarter VGA) 800 x 600(SVGA)
Orientation Options Landscape only Portrait or Landscape
Max Lines of Text (Landscape) 10 40 100
Characters per Line (landscape) 21 dynamic, 32 static 53 dynamic, 80 static 133 dynamic, 200 static
Touch Capability Yes, optional Yes (Analog type, minimum 1,000,000 cycles)
Optional Keypads Yes, 2 styles Yes, 2 styles No No
Connectivity 1 Serial port built-in,
1 Optional serial port
2 Serial ports built-in 1 USB port &
1 Serial port built-in
1 USB port & 2 Serial ports built-in, 1 Ethernet Port (Optional)
Graphics Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Beeper/Buzzer Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Typefaces & Fonts 10 Built-in Bitmap Fonts OR Use Any Font On Your PC
Data Entry Methods Pop-up keypad,
Optional Physical Keypads
Pop-up keypad,
Optional Physical Keypads
Pop-up keypad,
Pop-up keypad,
Colors Monochrome w/ 5 Backlight Colors* 32,768
Function Keys 5 (9 with shift) 7 (13 with shift)
Numeric Keypad Optional Optional n/a
Control Keys 8 Optional
Indicator LEDs 5 User Definable 7 User Definable
Requires Power Supply No
Not when used with an
AutomationDirect PLC
Will operate without PS
at reduced brightness
(when used with an
AutomationDirect PLC)
Can operate from USB power
while programming only
Ratings (Indoor) NEMA 4, 4X
Agency Approvals & Certifications UL, cUL, CE, RoHS
Number of Screens 999 Screens Max (limited by memory)
Project Memory 768 KB 1792 KB 3.2 MB 3.2 MB 30 MB
Programming Software Price Free Download! Click Here ($25 for software on CD)
Price $Call Non-touch
$Call w/Touchscreen
$Call $Call $Call $Call $Call

¹ Choose from Five Color Model with Red, Green, Amber, Yellow, and Lime, or High Contrast Model(W) with Red, White, and 3 shades of Pink.

² "-N" Models do not have touch panel (only 3" panels are available with -N)